Tailored communication programme

When members reach 5 years (10 years available on request) before they intend to take benefits, they enter our communications programme. Emails are sent at half yearly intervals and more frequently as they approach their final year before taking benefits. These emails contain articles specific to the term remaining from their intended retirement date, so as the member progresses through their retirement journey they build their knowledge and are encouraged to return to iASPIRE to update their details and access the interactive tools and calculators.

Our articles cover all retirement income solutions, including withdrawing funds as cash, annuities, drawdown and blended solutions. We also review key decisions such as provision for dependants; safeguarding against longevity and inflation; and review how the retirement income process works including documentation and timescales. There are also informative articles on the lifestyle
aspects of retirement, including hobbies and interests.

We can offer scheme specific communications sent directly to your members incorporating your branding and corporate messages.


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