Online retirement portal, iASPIRE

iASPIRE provides comprehensive information covering all the lifestyle and financial aspects of retirement, including all income solutions – tax-free cash, withdrawing further funds as cash, Annuity and Drawdown options, and blended solutions.

With sections covering every stage of their retirement journey, iASPIRE enables your members to fully understand their options and make informed decisions.

By completing information within their ‘Retirement Dashboard’, which is their personalised area of iASPIRE, it can easily determine how they would like their retirement to be structured, how much they will need and what their retirement savings can provide as an income. Users can then download a bespoke report, giving a tangible record of their situation.

iASPIRE also guides members to consider key factors such as provision for dependants; safeguarding against longevity and inflation, income sustainability, investment risk and capacity for loss.

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