Planning to convert your pension savings soon?

If you are thinking of converting your pension savings, either in part or in full, our online retirement portal iASPIRE can guide you through the various retirement options available to you and the implications of each.

Our advisers are on hand to answer any questions as they arise and can offer advice and guidance as needed.

Call them at any time on 0330 2020 399 or use our Schedule a call back function.

Information within iASPIRE covers key topics, including:

  • How much tax-free cash to take

  • Your retirement options at a glance including;

    • Withdrawing further funds as cash

    • Annuities explained

    • Drawdown explained

    • Blended solutions explained

  • The tax implications of each option

iASPIRE helps you to consider how certain factors may affect your decisions, such as:

  • How long will you live for?

  • Will you need to support family and dependants?

  • The impact of inflation on your savings

  • The minimum level of income you will need to provide you with a basic standard of living

We also provide information on the lifestyle aspects of retirement – how to effectively plan your time; starting a new business; health and leisure; hobbies; part time work; volunteering and much more.

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