Starting to think about retirement?

It is never too early to start thinking about retirement. The more time you have, the more you can build your knowledge, take remedial action and plan effectively.

By registering onto iASPIRE, we can help you do just that. iASPIRE provides all the information and tools you need to help you effectively plan. Information is available in bite size chunks and is accessible as and when you need it.

Information includes:

  • State Pensions – what age will you be eligible; how much you will receive and what happens if you delay taking it.

  • How to boost your pension savings

  • How to find any lost pensions

  • Investment strategies for your pension funds

  • Consolidating pensions

  • Delaying retirement

  • Phased / part time working

  • Debt reduction

By completing information within ‘Your Retirement Dashboard’, which is your personalised area of iASPIRE, you can easily determine how you would like your retirement to be structured, how much you will need and what your retirement savings can provide as an income.

We also provide information on the lifestyle aspects of retirement – how to effectively plan your time; starting a new business; health and leisure; hobbies; part time work; volunteering and much more.

Register now to start your path to a better retirement.


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